“Katie skillfully navigates discussions to achieve the right balance of candor and restraint to be effective in getting the point across. She’s an effective communicator and a pleasure to work with and listen to in presentations.”

Don Lam

Managing Director, Interior Architects San Francisco

“Katie did an excellent job facilitating our company’s first strategic planning retreat. I believe our work with Katie has helped catalyze a number of very positive organizational changes at cbec, and her one-on-one guidance and coaching with me has been tremendously beneficial.”

Jai Singh

cbec, inc.

“Katie has a solid understanding of the traits that allow a team of coworkers to achieve success.  She is doing a very good job of advising us on ways to improve our leadership and accountability performance.”

Ken Meme

President, Towill, Inc.

“Katie is an excellent listener and retains facts well. She is very relatable and I feel like she really ‘got’ me. Excellent qualities for a coach.”

Sapna Khandwala

CEO|Director of Business Development, Stillwater Sciences, Inc.

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