Events Overview


Left Lane Advisors offers several avenues to accelerate the professional development of the public and private sectors of the A/E/C industry.


Manager’s Roundtable – Public Sector

Two-hour sessions geared toward individuals who manage staff and projects in public agencies. A general theme will be selected for each session, but the agenda will also include time for attendees to raise other discussion items. These sessions will be facilitated by Katie Miller who will leverage her experience facilitating the Leadership NACTO program to benefit agency attendees.


Senior Executive Roundtable

Four-hour session geared toward individuals who serve in executive-level positions within the A/E/C industry. The agenda will be determined a few days in advance based on feedback from attendees on their most top-of-mind issues such as recruiting and retention, career development, ownership transition and leadership succession, compensation/benefits, etc. These sessions will be facilitated by Katie Miller or Matt Henry.


Transformational Leadership Workshop

Four-hour sessions designed to accelerate the leadership toolkit of individuals who recently or are about to take on a larger leadership role in their A/E/C organization. Attendees will:

    • Gain in-depth knowledge about what it takes to be a great leader
    • Receive an assessment that identifies their unique thinking style and how that style effects how they communicate, approach problem-solving, and manage conflict.
    • Learn tactical strategies for building trust-based relationships with their teams that leads to accountability and results.

As an added benefit, attendees will receive a free one-hour coaching session within the month following the workshop from our certified coach, Katie Miller, to review their assessment results and establish personalized strategies for leading more effectively in their organizations day-to-day. These sessions will be facilitated by Katie Miller.

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