Listening, Mirroring, and Receiving

Written by Katie Carr Miller

Communication is a critical component of effective leadership. How can you communicate better? Learn how to listen, mirror, and receive.

Truly listening to someone can be a challenge. We can be distracted by what we are saying in our mind, what we think we are hearing the other person say, and what the point is that we are trying to make. By stopping our own thoughts and truly listening without these distractions, messages would be received more effectively and we’d be able to avoid miscommunication that can lead to project inefficiencies, budget problems, and/or strained relationships.

Mirroring is the art of matching someone else’s communication style. By using similar words, phrases, or offering an empathetic statement like, “You must be feeling…” leaders can be more effective at reaching others and creating a comfortable space to connect.

Finally, receiving messages requires us to be open to feedback, differing opinions, and, in some cases, conflict. We all may be challenged, at times, with the ability to hear messages without infusing our own biases into a conversation.

If learning how to listen, mirror, and receive feedback, are areas you’d like to improve, consider executive coaching as an alternative. It can be helpful to invite an outside person in to observe your communication style and offer suggestions to help you become an even more effective leader and communicator.