2011 Fehr & Peers Companywide Retreat

Since 1985, Fehr & Peers has held companywide (all-employee) retreats at key points during its evolution as a firm. Retreats have served as invaluable forums for them to establish and strengthen relationships with co-workers, reinforce core values, and to remind them that they are truly one company with a common mission and a shared vision for the future.

With that in mind, the ability to strategically create goals, logistics, and engagement for this type of event is absolutely critical.  Here’s a short list of  the numerous aspects that we manage for this event:

  • Primary event goal creation and messaging
  • Brand identity creation, event collateral design
  • Pre-event attendee engagement, surveying, and coordination
  • Venue research, negotiation, and selection
  • Attendee travel, lodging, and food logistics
  • Presenter coaching and visual support creation
  • During-event video capture, photography, AV needs
  • Identification of, and negotiation with, external speakers